Looking For Reliable Free Web Hosting Service?

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Best Free Web Hosting For Your WordPress Weblog

If you're looking for the best web hosting service, you are in the right place. I usually created some WordPress weblogs since 2007 when I started blogging. I used free weblog in WordPress.com until I've learning about setting up self-host WordPress weblog using a free web hosting service. I got my first web hosting in 000webhost.com for free and it was also my first time having my own domain that I bought from GoDaddy.com. The free web hosting is kinda good but sometimes the server is down due to maintenance. It's okay with me because it's only free web hosting but worth it.

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Best Content Management System For Your Website

There are so many ways to manage your website online but we can't sure of the best system to use. One of the best way of building your site is by creating a wordpress or joomla sites. As we all know that they're easy to use and easy to manage. So, that's what we are looking for building our own site out of the best platform. You can read more about choosing the right content management system for your website, visits here.

You can also read about the wordpress and joomla and how easy to use. You can visits Wordpress.org and Joomla.org for more info.


Where To Outsource IT company online?

Some online businesses outsourced their company online. They already knew that there are lots of competitors online. That's why they don't want their company last in terms of outsourcing. One of the demand businesses online it the Information Technology service. Lots of IT companies are demand today. IT companies that offers web development, SEO services, virtual sevices and many more. IT company owner want their IT company services to be known in world wide web. So, they want to outsource it by listing it to the desired directories such as wed development directories, SEO directories and some other directories where they can outsource their company online.

Service Cycle offers directory submission for those IT company businesses online. They offered lifetime and short term membership in order to list the service online. You can search the site with Service Cycle and you can start listing your site in their.


Gantt Charts Provides Easy Access and Accuracy on Project Reports

Nowadays, Grantt Charts are commonly used by those online marketer for the project management system. Grantt Charts is a technique used for representing the phases of activities on a project work structure (WBS). It provides informative, easy access and accuracy on Project reports so that they can be understood by wide audience. Grant Chart shows a bar chart that illustrates a project schedule, start and finish dates of the terminal and summary elements of a project. It also shows the dependency relationships between activities i.e, precedence network. Many people says Grantt Charts is good technique and helps the project easy access and project reports.

Grantt Charts is being offered by Redmine hosting services. More updates for Content Management System Source blog. Keep reading.


Back To Work On Content Management System Source Blog

I'm so busy lately for my personal matters and now I'm back to work on this Content Management System Source blog. I actually blogged and reviewed about Content Management and Open Source Software Develoment to share some useful information for those online marketers with their online services. I'm glad I'm back to work to serve as a source for Content Management information in world wide web. For those who missed my updates on this blog, I'm back to give more useful information and gives updated source of information especially in Open Source Software Development and Content Management reviews. Stay tune for more future posts on this blog.


Where To Submit Open Source Software Development Providers?

If you have a website that talks about software development, you can submit your site at the ServiceCycle Open Source Software Development Providers directory. ServiceCycle is one of the best place where you can outsource your software development service and management. To get listed in the ServiceCycle software development directory, all you need is to click the list your site link and select your desired pricing for submission. You can visit ServiceCycle Open Source Software Development Providers to see for yourself.


Gantt Charts Effectivity on Redmine

In Redmine hosting, Gantt charts have become a common technique for representing the phases and activities of a project work breakdown structure (WBS), so they can be understood by a wide audience. Gantt chart is a type of bar chart that illustrates a project schedule and also illustrate the start and finish dates of the terminal elements and summary elements of a project. Terminal elements and summary elements comprise the work breakdown structure of the project. It also show the dependency (i.e, precedence network) relationships between activities.

Redmine generates gantt charts and graphs to visually determine state of your project. It allows you to concentrate on your stenghts and business; not system administration. Its so much easier than doing the setup, administration and maintenance on your own.

Some internet marketer and web guru prefer to get redmine hosting so that they can handle and record their business and projects easily. Redmine hosting service is easy to use and the support is phenomenal. Redmine hosting is now available online for project management, tracking, planning and collaboration. It has a unlimited features like unlimited projects, unlimited user, with 1GB space and of course with nightly backups with the helps of online supports. Get Redmine Hosting now.



Redmine Hosting Review

First and foremost, I would like to know what is Redmine? Well, due to my luck of knowledge about redmine, I researched it in the wikipedia and here what it says; Redmine is an open source, web-based project management and bug-tracking tool. It includes calendar and gantt charts to aid visual representation of projects and their deadlines. It supports multiple projects. Redmine is a FOSS solution which provides integrated project management features, issue tracking, and support for multiple version control options. Projects investigating commercial tools like IBM Rational Team Concert, but wanting to stick with a FOSS solution, may find Redmine to be a useful Scrum and Agile alternative. Yes, I got it. That is what I made this redmine hosting review.

Redmine hosting can helps you to manage a project and track all your information for your project status with the use of web-based open source tool. Its very useful and you can have it all. It supports your projects or multiple projects you manage. It has an updated calendar and gantt charts for you to track and manage your projects and of course their deadlines. This is an easy and phenomenal. So, much better to get redmine hosting and your business as usual as easy.


Open Source Software Development Guides And Reviews

I was so curious about how people made such useful and high technology software that many of us can use in our daily lives especially when you are in an online business, online researching, online development and many things can be. So, I decided to research how exactly the meaning stated of this so called Open Source Software development and it state like this:

Open source software development is the process by which open source software (or similar software whose source code is publicly available) is developed. These are software products “available with its source code and under an open source license to study, change, and improve its design”. Examples of popular Open source software product are Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and the OpenOffice.org Suite. In the past, the Open source software development method has been very unstructured, because no clear development tools, phases, etc. had been defined like with development methods such as DSDM. Instead, every project had its own phases. However, more recently there has been much better progress, coordination, and communication within the open source community. -wikipedia

In addition to the source for Open source software development, we will going to learn about the history, the Open source software development phases, Types of open source projects, Open source software development methods, Tools used for open source development, and many things to know more about.

Let us learn about how to start an open source project. So, here are the ways on how we get starting an open source project:

  1. An individual who senses the need for a project announces the intent to develop the project in public. The individual may receive offers of help from others. The group may then proceed to work on the code.
  2. A developer working on a limited but working codebase, releases it to the public as the first version of an open-source program. The developer continues to work on improving it, and possibly is joined by other developers.
  3. The source code of a mature project is released to the public, after being developed as proprietary software or inhouse software.
  4. A well-established open-source project can be forked by an interested outside party. Several developers can then start a new project, whose source code then diverges from the original.
Eric Raymond observed in his famous essay "The Cathedral and the Bazaar" that announcing the intent for a project is usually inferior to releasing a working project to the public. It's a common mistake to start a project when contributing to an existing similar project would be more effective (NIH syndrome). To start a successful project it is very important to investigate what's already there. - wikipedia

Since that there are more things we will going study, maybe we can discuss it one by one. Soon, we can give here some ways and good information for you to learn and to study especially about Open Source Software Development. So, keep hang on.